At Anoka Hennepin, proposed policy changes prompt protest by anti-gay parents group


3 thoughts on “At Anoka Hennepin, proposed policy changes prompt protest by anti-gay parents group

  1. The hypocrisy of groups like the Minnesota Family Council is so rank I can smell it here in Ohio.

    It’s stunning that they can attack gays for “flooding the classroom” with “propaganda”, when they freely admit that’s exactly what THEY seek to do.  They want to flood schools with religious propaganda to indoctrinate all students into their belief system, including its pathetic fear of gays and lesbians.

    When Barb Anderson said, “There is no other group that continually seeks to force their way into the school curriculum in every subject matter and every grade level to normalize their unhealthy and unnatural behavior. ” she overlooked her own group.  They want to normalize their bigotry, despite clear evidence that it is extremely unhealthy — that is, the horrifying suicide rate of the students they inflict it on.

    Small wonder Anderson and her ilk want to defend the right of bullies.  That’s all they are.

  2. What Lori Thompson really meant to lament was, “We were a model for the nation in driving gay kids to suicide.” It is disgusting that Thompson wants to maintain the status quo which demonstrably has resulted in the wide-spread unrelenting bullying of LGBT children.

    A side note: Barb Anderson is identified in this article as a “researcher for the Minnesota Family Council.” Please note that the MFC’s definition of “research” is limited to consultations with discredited sources and quoting the Christian bible.

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