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The Twin Cities Daily Planet is an award-winning, professionally edited online publication that amplifies and connects marginalized voices.

The Daily Planet was conceived as an experiment in participatory journalism, built on a partnership between professional journalists and individual citizens. Collectively, the residents of the Twin Cities have far more expertise and insight than can be found in any one newsroom. The premise of the Daily Planet is that new technologies are making it possible for these people to become more active and powerful participants in the news production process. One goal of the Daily Planet is to harness that community intelligence and enable individuals to share information and work together for the common good.

The Daily Planet is a media arts project of the Twin Cities Media Alliance, a nonprofit media arts organization dedicated to equipping community members – particularly individuals from marginalized communities – with the power of media arts to define and amplify their narratives, connect across communities, and ultimately drive new thinking and engagement around their stories.

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Publisher: Adaobi Okolue
Editor: Cristeta Boarini
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Marketing & Editorial Assistant: Jens Pinther


Dozens of writers have contributed original reporting to the Daily Planet. Here’s a complete description of how we edit, moderate and publish articles.




mnspj-logo3“The breadth and depth of this site is terrific. It connects on multiple fronts: reader engagement, neighborhood coverage, local opinions, 24/7 updates, and a strong commitment to a diversity of voices. Tcdailyplanet.net really taps the power of the medium to make the community part of the conversation—a lesson some of its competitors could benefit from.” 
-Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists, conveying 2009 Page One Award for Best Independent Web Site