When you think of Minnesota State Fair food, you may think of cheese curds, corn dogs and gooey cookies. But over the years, that narrative has been changing, and Minnesotans have been seeing more...

The Minnesota State Fair has one of the premier horse expositions in the Upper Midwest and all events are free with gate admission. Each year, the Fair offers new features to the horse show....

For decades, my dad complained that people didn’t understand how little of the food dollar goes to the farmers who grow the food. Every time the farmer’s price went up — for milk or corn or pigs — the grocery store price went up by even more. When the farmer’s price went down, the grocery store price usually didn’t follow in that direction.

Featured Attractions: Twin Cities bike shops

Alley Cat Cycles
1621 Harmon Place, Ste 150B
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Get your bike purring for Notta Lotta Scratch
Cycles for Change
712 University Avenue West
St. Paul, MN

Building a diverse and empowered community of bicyclists
Venture North Bike Walk Coffee
1830 Glenwood Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55405

First bike shop in North Minneapolis!
Lowertown Bike Shop
253 E. 4th St., The Jax Building
Saint Paul, MN 55101

Bringing new life to used bikes.